10 Apprenticeships You Never Knew Existed

  1. Aerospace Engineer – Get your career off to a flying start by designing and maintaining aircraft or working on space vehicles and satellites.

  2. Bespoke Tailor –  This creative and skilled role at the heart of the iconic British garment industry could be your perfect fit.

  3. Cyber Intrusion Analyst – The chance to contribute to the crucial work of monitoring networks and detecting breaches in security.

  4. Digital Journalist – Get involved in the creation of fantastic, engaging content for TV, Radio and online.

  5. Equine Groom – Turn your equestrian hobby into a stable career in an industry that contributes billions to the British economy.

  6. Food Technologist – Have your cake and eat it too! Creativity and attention to detail will serve you well in the food industry.

  7. Fashion Studio Assistant – Passion for fashion? Help to capture the mood of the moment and contribute to the creation of a collection.

  8. Public Relations – Love to communicate? Use your influence in the exciting and challenging PR industry.

  9. Nuclear Scientist – Use your analytical skills to provide innovative solutions to the fast-expanding nuclear power industry.

  10. Video Game Quality Assurance – Use your Knowledge and zeal for gaming to test and fix computer games before they go live.