Online Assistance


Click here for our e-Assessor Induction Guide.

Click here for the Online Learning Notes.

We would always recommend you type out and save your work in a Word document in the event you experience any technical issues. You can then copy over your answers when you are ready to save/submit knowing your work is backed up.

Please be advised all questions that are on e-Assessor are also in your workbook. This means that should you not be able to log in for whatever reason, you can still complete your work in a Word document and copy it over for submission once the log in issue has been rectified.

Online Assistance

We have found that some learners contact us when they are experiencing problems with e-Assessor and have addressed the most common reasons below.

I can’t login

This is often because the username/password hasn’t been copied correctly – please check this against your welcome letter and ensure that there are no spaces before or after. If you are still experiencing issues, please email and we will reset your username/password and send your new credentials via email as soon as possible.

Please ensure you read the e-Assessor Induction Guide before contacting us as the problems you are experiencing may be answered in the guide. If you experience any other technical difficulties, please email detailing the problem and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

I can’t submit my work

This is usually because the learner has not ticked the box to confirm that they are happy with their answer. Please refer to page 3 of the e-Assessor Induction Guide regarding this particular issue.

I haven’t received any feedback for my work

Our Assessors aim to feedback within ten working days of receiving work submissions but during busier times, this isn’t always possible.

If, in the unlikely event, you haven’t received your feedback within ten working days, please email your assessor who will be able to provide you with an estimated time scale in this regard.

Have you received my work?

As the learner, it is your responsibility to ensure your work is submitted correctly and on time. Please ensure you log in regularly and action any work assigned by your assessor – which could be AFTER you have submitted a unit. Please note, just because you have submitted your work, it does not necessarily mean it has been signed off and the learning criteria has been met.

Please check your TO DO REGULARLY to ensure work is not missed and that your work has been submitted, which will be shown by a title ‘Submitted to Assessor’ or ‘Confirmation of Unit Sign-off’.

I have submitted my work and it says ‘Assessor Saved and Sent for Verification’ – what does this mean?

This means that the Assessor has received your work, marked it and sent it to Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) to verify and sign off.

If you are experiencing any other problems not covered on this page, please email and we will try our best to remedy the problem.