We are GOOD!

It’s official – Profile Development and Training Ltd is a ‘GOOD’ provider.

A few weeks ago, on an early Friday morning, we got ‘the call’ from OFSTED to let us know we were going to have our first full inspection. For most providers, this can send them into a tail spin of panic, but not us; we have been waiting for this moment for a while now. Tuesday morning arrived and so did the inspectors.

We knew we were in scope for a first visit, as we have had our adult loan provision since 2016 and are now in the third year of delivery and, as of May 2017, we have accessed Levy funding. As I said, we were very ready and the whole experience was very positive for us as a company and personally to each and every member of the team.

The inspection went without any problems and my team and I will be passing on our experiences of how we made sure we were prepared for this in subsequent blogs over the coming weeks.

However, for now, this is why OFSTED say we are ‘GOOD’:

  • Managers and tutors have ensured that the recently introduced apprenticeship standard for teaching assistants is designed well to help apprentices develop exactly the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need.
  • Strong governance arrangements ensure a good focus on continually improving quality and ensuring that apprentices and learners make the best possible progress.
  • Leaders and managers monitor the performance of staff effectively. They share best practice among tutors, and provide constructive feedback following observations of training, to help tutors improve.
  • Learners and apprentices develop rapidly new practical skills, which they apply in the classroom.
  • Tutors have an excellent understanding and extensive experience of supporting teaching and learning which makes adults’ and apprentices’ learning enjoyable, meaningful and relevant.
  • Tutors quickly establish very positive relationships with their learners and apprentices, and give them regular, constructive and encouraging feedback on their progress, which helps them improve.
  • Learners and apprentices receive good-quality information, advice and guidance which help them to make well-informed choices about their programmes and next steps.

For more information on what our report says about us please click here.


Andrea Webb | Managing Director


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