Apprentice Success Story

Here at Profile we are always excited when one of our apprentices’ gets special mention within an organisation because of the work they are doing and the amazing contribution they are bringing to an organisation.

One of our new employers, Communicate plc, has released a news article highlighting the benefit that their new apprentice, Joshua’s had upon the business.  You can access the article here, but “since joining the team, Joshua has helped clients across the site” and Mark Styles who is the Communicate plc network infrastructure manager and Joshua’s line manager has said:

“Apprenticeships are a great way of developing your people. Having someone join the team that you can train on the job whilst completing their academic studies and qualifications is invaluable, especially in our industry.”

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice please click here to view our vacancies or if you are an employer seeking an apprentice, then please give us a call on 01843 609300 or email and ask for Ian Pearce who is the Business Development and Project Manager here at Profile Development and Training and find out how much an apprentice can strengthen your organisation.