National Teaching Assistants’ Day

Today, Monday 16th September 2019 is National Teaching Assistants’ Day!

Teaching Assistants’ provide an increasingly vital important resource within the classroom.  The National Teaching Assistants’ Day was created to recognise this contribution that Teaching Assistants’ make to the education and support of school children across the UK.

Here are some statistics about:

96% of Headteachers believe that Teaching Assistants’ add value to their school.

244,000 Teaching Assistants’ work in schools throughout the UK.  In 2002 this figure was 71,800.

44% of parents with autistic children want more Teaching Assistants’ in UK schools.

At Profile we like to support the career development of Teaching Assistants.  We provide a range of courses and apprenticeships that are suitable for entering the profession or career development.

We were one of the first apprenticeship training providers to push the new Teaching Assistant Standard that was released back in July 2018 and we have some of the apprentices due to take their End Point Assessment in early 2020.

Through our Adult Learner Loan provision with the Student Loans Company, we offer the Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (which we primarily offer as an online course so it can be done in your own time, submitting work online), the Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools, which is a little bit more in depth and is for more senior roles or for more advanced learners the Level 4 Certificate for the Advanced Practitioner in Schools and Colleges which is used to build on the success of the Level 3 course.

We also provide a range of Level 2 courses in areas that are very useful for skills development such as the Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism, the Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health or the Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Bullying in Children and Young People as well as many other options.  However, due to Government funding, we are still waiting on funding for these courses.

If you would like further information, please check other links on this blog, call us on 01843 609300 or drop us an email to

The image, statistics and relevant information in this post has been take from the National Teaching Assistants’ Day website