The Centre Manager’s View

After months of planning, we finally got ‘that’ call.  I have to admit, my heart sank a little bit, having never been through an Ofsted inspection even as a secondary school teacher (I’m not sure how I managed to dodge them!).  I do remember, though, the panic and mayhem that went into the preparation.  Yes, I was still a little worried, hoping that our preparation had paid off, but not quite knowing how rigorous and formal it would be.

However, none of this last-minute cramming into the early hours or being called into work for the entire weekend.  Oh, no.  We had this!

The inspectors arrived on Tuesday morning at 8.30 on the dot and had their initial meeting with our Managing Director.  Then it was my turn.  I did mention that perhaps I ought to be a bit more nervous and scared but there was really no need to be.  You couldn’t have met two nicer gentlemen who quickly put me at my ease.

Then the questions started flowing. Thank heavens for all that preparation. 

As the Centre Manager, the majority of the inquisition fell to me.  Now, I’m not the most confident person you’ll ever meet, and I do doubt myself quite often, but the whole Ofsted process gave me a real boost.  I found that I was able to answer all their questions and quickly locate any evidence they wanted, right there on my laptop.  As the days went on, I found it to be an empowering process; I definitely knew everything I should and was able to talk about the company and its learners confidently.

By the end of the process, I felt really good about myself and the work that Profile are doing to open doors to a better future for our learners.

Andrea Keeley | Centre Manager