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Success Stories

ZP Teaching Assistant Apprentice

ZP began her apprenticeship in September 2011 and completed at the end of July 2012. She had recently achieved a level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education and so was fast-tracked on to the Advanced level 3 Apprenticeship programme. She achieved a level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools. There was no need for her to complete the Functional/Keys Skills element of the programme because she had current GCSE qualifications in maths, English and ICT.

ZP had some work experience with children with learning disabilities, behavioural problems and physical disabilities and she was able to pursue her interest in this area for her optional units.

On starting her work placement in a local school ZP was immediately able to work alongside the pupils and soon proved herself to be enthusiastic and reliable. She was given responsibility for a range of activities such as handwriting with a small group, one to one work with two boys with autism as well as maths and literacy intervention groups. As part of this ZP designed resources to use with the children; combining her own research with the knowledge and experience shared by her colleagues.

At the end of the programme ZP accepted the offer of a permanent full-time position at the school and is now also studying for her Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies.

JJ Teaching Assistant Apprentice

JJ began his apprenticeship in September 2011 and was placed at a local school in Broadstairs. He had previously been studying Health and Social Care in 6th Form. He was keen to work with children and ultimately to become a teacher.

From the beginning JJ was made welcome at the school and soon became a valuable member of the team. He worked alongside the teacher and other TAs, supporting the children with all aspects of the curriculum, including lunch and playtimes.

At the end of the programme JJ had achieved his Intermediate level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprenticeship, which included a level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning as well as Key Skills in Communication (level 2) and Application of Number and ICT (level 1). The school were very pleased with JJ's contribution and made him an offer of employment so that he could undertake his Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship, which included Level 3 Diploma for Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools.

JJ has now completed his Advanced Apprenticeship and is in his second year of his Teacher training degree. The school are supporting him with his studies and he hopes to be part of the Teaching team in the next few years.

NM – IT Professional Apprentice

NM came to Profile as an Intermediate Level 2 IT Professional apprentice at a local High School to support the network team. Although he did not need to complete any English and maths as he had already achieved the required level, his initial assessment in English, Maths and ICT were L2, E3 and E2 respectively. He suffers from cerebral palsy which limits his movement and he showed signs of dyslexia.

Targeted coaching and support meant he was a timely completer for his apprenticeship at L2, finishing 3 months ahead of his planned end date. This support included additional help with his writing, such as sentence structure and tenses, as well as assignment writing skills which helped him meet criteria targets. NM stated, 'in my coursework I find the support really helps me achieve my targets'. Indeed, he also said, 'Overall the support though all of my apprenticeship has been excellent'.

As there were no permanent positions available at the High School at the end of the school year, NM was able to secure an IT Technician position at a nearby school thanks to his experience and qualification. His self-confidence also increased throughout his time at the High School which would also have been a factor in gaining employment elsewhere.

After completing his Apprenticeship NM email and said:
"Hi, thank you for all your help over the past year couldn't have done it without you. THANK YOU!"

RS Teaching Assistant Apprentice

RS settled into the school routine very quickly and was already receiving positive feedback from the Head and the class teacher. She was also popular with the other TAs because of her reliability, proactive approach and the way she was able to communicate effectively with everyone including the pupils.

Although RS is dyslexic the fact that she typed her work; used spell and grammar checks and has developed her own coping strategies with spellings meant that she didn't require formal additional support.

RS was offered 'direct payment' work which means she worked additional hours one-to-one with pupils in their home – supported and organised by the school.

RS found the support of Profile staff very helpful and said she learnt a lot doing this course and enjoyed gaining the experience in a school setting which led to her being offered a permanent full time role with the school.

Success Rates

89% Success Rate

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