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  1. Profile Development and Training created

    August 2008

    Profile Development and Training Ltd was founded by Andrea and Mark Webb and Andy and Casey Gibbons in 2008. The initial main aim of the company was to provide high quality work-based training to employers and employees to meet the demands of the changing workforce. This focus has developed over the years to include a range of very successful apprenticeship programmes with our success rates being maintained well above the national average. For more information see our About page.

  2. Joined KATO

    October 2008

    The Kent Association of Training Organisations (KATO) represents the major Training Providers in Kent and Medway. It supports the interests of over 60 member organisations who deliver a variety of training programmes, including Apprenticeships, bespoke training and business training.

  3. Managing Director asked to join KATO committee

    March 2009

    Committee members at KATO are asked to consider the possible effects on the industry of sector specific legislation, government planning and forecasting, help to facilitate information to wider audiences, including KATO membership and to give their time to assisting with projects and ventures the organisation is asked to be involved with, such as the Traineeship pilot scheme. Andrea joined the committee and Profile has subsequently been involved with several projects.

  4. 1st employee joined Profile (Julie Leys)

    May 20th, 2014

    Andrea had previously worked with Julie at the local college and Julie had been aware of Profile and worked with us in a contracting capacity prior to making the decision to join us on a permanent basis. Julie was an experienced Assessor and immediately felt part of the Team. For more information see Meet the Team.

  5. Changed from Partnership to a Limited company

    October 2009
  6. Moved office into Kent Innovation Centre

    November 2009

    Since the company started in August 2008 we had worked out of a private residence, in November 2009 the decision was made to move to serviced offices provided by Thanet District Council at the Kent Innovation Centre, in Broadstairs. Profile have been very happy here and this remains our main office.

  7. Moodle, on line learning platform used to support all Profile Learners

    June 2010

    The introduction of Moodle allowed Profile to provide on-line resources and support for our Learners, this has now been superseded by a complete e-portfolio system - oneFILE \ introduced in September 2015.

  8. Partnered with Keits

    Sep 2010

    Profile began a working partnership with Keits who became the lead funding provider for Profile as we started delivering Apprenticeships and this relationship continues to grow and develop as both organisations mature.

    First Kent based provider to deliver IT Pro

    Having identified a need in Kent for a work based training company to offer the IT Professional qualification we began delivering this qualification and the interest and take up of positions meant that we recruited dedicated Assessors with relevant IT industry experience to deliver this programme. IT Professional continues to be very popular with employers and learners across Kent and it is a growth area for Profile.

    Profile began delivering Apprenticeships Programmes in IT Professional, Supporting Teaching and Learning, Business Administration & Customer Services

    Delivery of Apprenticeships was a new direction for Profile. Following the Government's decision to promote and encourage businesses to employ young people in their existing organisations and to work with training providers to ensure that all elements of an Apprenticeship programme were met. Our experienced existing Assessor team utilised their varied industry experience to deliver all the programmes we wished to deliver. Profile continue to refine and improve their Apprenticeship delivery and currently meet and exceed the national average statistics.

  9. First STL Apprenticeship Project 2011/2012

    August 2011

    Project aimed at giving young people aged 16-18 years with an interest in working in the education sector the opportunity to work within a school environment and be supported through an Apprenticeship. Learners were based at school 4 days a week and came to Profile one day a week to share experiences and work on the training element of the programme.

    Learners benefited from hearing other experiences in different schools and had the opportunity to discuss challenges and issues they faced with their peers. Many of those who attended this course progressed to level 3 the following year and were taken on as permanent members of staff in schools following completion of their Apprenticeship.

    Some have continued their studies and are now close to completing their Teacher Training and will soon be fully qualified teachers. This has had a huge impact on their professional careers and strong supportive links still remain with the groups' Assessor who is still in contact with many of these Learners and she is following their careers keenly.

    A great success for all involved! - these groups are now an annual project which runs depending on demand, many older Learners have used 19+ loans to help fund the course.

  10. Employability Project

    September 2012
  11. Special project with Chelmsford College

    February 2013

    Profile were approached by Chelmsford College to assist them following another training provider not being able to support Apprenticeships already on programme. Profile agreed to work with Chelmsford College to ensure that the young people were not disadvantaged and recruited a dedicated Assessor to support the project.

  12. Achieved MATRIX - quality mark

    June 2013

    The whole of the Profile Team were heavily involved with preparation for the MATRIX assessment, the Team's opinions were shared and additional training was willingly undertaken to ensure that across the Team we are able to provide a high quality level of information, advice and guidance for our Learners, Employers and other interested parties. Matrix is due to be reviewed annually.

  13. 19+ Loans

    October 2013

    The introduction of 19+ loans, aimed at providing finance for older learners to help fund professional development in level 3 and above qualifications.

  14. Leaving Care Development Project

    November 2013

    Profile were asked to develop a specific qualification for people who would be supporting young care leavers wishing to go into further education. The pilot was a success and is continuing to be delivered today.

  15. Traineeship Pilot, supported by OCR

    March 2014

    Profile were asked to be one of two providers nationally by OCR to pilot a programme designed specifically for young people who are not yet ready to enter an Apprenticeship programme. The Traineeship included employability skills, English and maths and other transferable skills, such as Team Working, communication and customer service. Combined with relevant work experience this offered an opportunity to progress onto Apprenticeship programmes or straight into employment on completion.

  16. Partnered with SEK

    September 2014

    Entered a consortium with SEK as the lead provider to deliver Apprenticeships. Profile continues to work with SEK and develop and grow this working relationship.

  17. Awarded IQM & Awarded CPLD

    March 2015

    Profile assisted with piloting the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) an existing standard within the compulsory education sector, being developed to be relevant for use in further education provision, including independent training providers.

    The Continued Professional Learning and Development is a standard which acknowledges a company's support of continued professional development of their staff. Profile achieved this following assessment against criteria set by the CPLD Company.

  18. ETF Outstanding Teaching Learning and Assessment Award

    August 2015

    Profile were presented with an award for Excellence in Teaching by the Education and Training Foundation. This award acknowledged the creation of a tool designed to support providers and learners managing risks of potential issues within learning and enable additional support to be put in place.

  19. E-Portfolio introduced for all Learners

    September 2015

    Following research on e-portfolio options the decision was made for Profile to use oneFILE. The e-portfolio allows Assessors to identify clear progression and monitor the Learners progress through the programme and gives the Learner a degree of autonomy with their studies. This superseded Moodle in relation to on-line resources for our Learners.

  20. New Website Launched

    February 2016

    Working with a local company, Broadbiz, we took the opportunity to completely recreate the website from scratch. We introduced lots of new things, such as the Meet the Team page, Success rates, as well as this Timeline of events for Profile. We have received lots of positive feedback on the website - let us know your thoughts too... email with your comments/feedback.

  21. Facebook & Twitter Accounts

    May 2016

    Having had Profile Facebook and Twitter accounts for some time we have a new member of the Team, Justin Courtney, who was tasked to improve the provision of information and activity on these social media accounts. In addition to this Justin introduced a blog to the website further enhancing the information we provide on-line.

  22. MATRIX - quality mark reaccredited

    June 2016

    Having passed the annual assessment each year, this year was a full MATIX reaccreditation assessment over a two day period. As in 2013 when we originally achieved the MATRIX standard the whole of the Profile Team were heavily involved with preparation for the MATRIX re-assessment, the Team's opinions were shared and additional training was willingly undertaken to ensure that across the Team we are able to provide a high quality level of information, advice and guidance for our Learners, Employers and other interested parties. Great Team effort!

  23. Profile's first direct contract with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA)

    July 2016

    Profile applied for and was awarded a direct contract from the SFA for Adult Loans. This means we can continue to offer this funding option to our learners in compliance with the new guidance surrounding funding.

For additional information on the areas we cover and the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01843 609300.