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FAQs for Apprentices

Need help? Take a look at some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

How much will it cost me? / Is there a financial contribution I have to make?

There is no contribution payable by you for your apprenticeship funding.  If you are aged 16-18 your apprenticeship is fully funded (for employers with less than 50 employees) and if you are 19+ then your employer may have to pay a contribution towards your learning (see page 1).

What will be the rate of pay while I'm in training as an apprentice?

There are different minimum pay rates depending on how long you have been an apprentice and your age. Go to www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates to find the latest information.

Once you have been on programme for 1 year and are over the age of 19, the national minimum wage is applicable for your age.

Do apprentices have to be full-time?

No, there is no minimum number of hours for an apprentice to work.  However, if you work less than 30 hours per week over the 52 weeks a year then the minimum duration of the apprenticeship is required to be extended.

Do apprentices have set length contracts?

Not always, but the minimum contract must be for 372 days

How much time is needed to complete the work for the apprenticeship?

This is very difficult to identify as it all depends on the job role, the type of assessment which can be used and the confidence of the apprentice. That said it should take 5-6 hours each week for the duration of the apprenticeship to gather the evidence required for their portfolio. This does not include the training you will cover whilst 'on the job'. 

How much time will my employer have to allow me to complete the apprenticeship?

It is a funding requirement for the employer to allow an apprentice 6 hours of their time per week to focus on their portfolio assignments, knowledge and skills requirements of their apprenticeship. For example, the time can be allocated on a weekly basis, with one day out of each week set aside, or for one week a month. This will include time for the Tutor to meet with the apprentice and work through the programme, facilitate assessments and set new tasks.

What resources will the employer need to supply for me?

Your employer will need to provide you with all of the tools you will need to carry out your job role safely within the company.

How much of the apprenticeship can I do online?

This depends on the qualification and units being taken.

Exactly what will I learn during my apprenticeship?

You will be learning about a job role, relevant to your apprenticeship.  All apprenticeship standards require level 1 or 2 Functional Skills in English and Maths if you have not already achieved this at GCSE level 4 (grade C) or above or have not already achieved Functional Skills at the required level; the rest of the apprenticeship really depends on which Standard you are on and with which employer you are employed by.  Your apprenticeship will cover the requirements of the Standard and so you will have to meet certain Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours in order to gain the skills required to go through to the End Point Assessment.

How will I know I'm on the right apprenticeship / qualification?

We carry out an induction with you and the employer and, through assessments, ensure that you are on the right Standard and level for your job role and ability.

How will the apprenticeship benefit me in the future?

You will be trained in a specific job role; you will have gained work experience; the apprenticeship may lead to full-time employment, to list a few of the benefits.

Why do I have to do Maths and English exams again?

You will only need to complete Functional Skills in English and Maths if you have not achieved these qualifications at GCSE level 4 (grade C) or above or have not already achieved Functional Skills at the required level, for either a level 2 or level 3 apprenticeship.

How can my current qualifications or exams help me complete the apprenticeship?

You may have prior learning which you could use to help you complete assignments and work towards the apprenticeship. Also, if you have achieved English and Maths at GCSE grade 4 or above you will not need to retake them for your apprenticeship.

Will Profile find me a job or help find me a job if my employment ends?

Profile do not find jobs for apprentices but will work with you and as part of your apprenticeship.  Your tutor will discuss job seeking, CV creation and cover letters etc. Also, if appropriate, you may be able to move to a higher-level apprenticeship. 

What happens if I move jobs?

You can continue with your apprenticeship as long as the job you move to is the same or a similar role and the new employer is agreeable and willing to engage with the apprenticeship programme as your new employer. There are restrictions on timing which would need to be thoroughly investigated before any move was made to ensure that funding can continue.

What happens if I need to take time out?

Depending on the circumstances we are able to suspend your apprenticeship

What happens if I do not meet deadlines?

It is your responsibility to work with your tutor to meet the deadlines of the tasks set. If you do not then formal procedures will be put in place by your tutor and employer. If for any reason you cannot meet a deadline, you should communicate with your tutor to discuss the issue.

Can I quit the apprenticeship if I want to?

Yes you can, although it is strongly advised not to as any future funding applied for may be denied and will mean that you cannot achieve the qualification/apprenticeship.

What happens if the training provider goes out of business?

The Education and Skills Funding Agency will do everything they can to support you and find you another training provider.

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